domingo, mayo 09, 2010

Dea Nutrix

The milk belongs to thee, which is in the breasts of thy mother, Isis.

Thy mother is the great black cow, she with the white crown and the royal head-dress,

She with the long feathers, she with the two hanging breasts, the nurse of the souls of Heliopolis,

She will nurse thee, she will not wean thee.

Mother of Osiris, pass thy breast over his mouth,

Give thy breast to him that he may suck therewith.

“My son,” so said she, “take to thee my breast that thou mayest suck it, that thou mayest live.”

Take the breast of thy sister in thy mouth.

Her milk is white and light and sweet.

The great Isis gives her arms to thee, she of the long horn, she of the protruding breast,

She will nurse thee, she will not wean thee.

Thy mouth is like that of a suckling calf on the day of its birth.

Suck her milk, which is white and light and sweet, that thou will never thirst.

-- from the Pyramid Texts (24th - 22nd c. BCE, Egypt [excerpts]

Imagen: Mother and Child, Gustav Klimt

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