martes, octubre 14, 2008


Ute Margaret Saine

By way of an introduction

la poesía no es de quien la escibe sino de quien la necesita

poetry doesn't belong to who writes it but to who needs it

Neruda in "Il Postino" by Antonio Skarmeta

Inca Walls

There were greater artisans before,

the Moche, Recuay, Nazca, Chimú,

but in the centuries you ruled

you erected these monuments




walls piled up tense, with nary a knife

to fit between the cracks, fortresses

of slightly bulging giant squares

that dwarf the human walk

in the canyons of the streets

These boulders witness still

the chisel in the human hand,

defy the cubes of exact science,

clench like immense fingers

into the tightest fist of self-defense

Their planetary bulk

the geological tense

of buried bedrock,

as if the womb of the earth


were speaking sense

Pachamama is the Incaic goddess of the Earth

Ute Margaret Saine was born in Germany and emigrated to the U.S. as a young adult, at the end of the Brain Drain. She feels incredibly lucky to have studied French and Spanish at Yale and has been teaching Romance languages and culturtes in Southern California.

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